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    Yet another too many activations


      Case Number 0181344587.  I've submitted a web case to fix my 'too many activations problems' but it seems that Jim Lester is the guru who can reset accounts.  Jim if you're there please reset my account.  The PRS 600 that I have bought is a Christmas present for my wife and it won't look very good if I give her a present that doesn't work!!

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          Dave_Lord2 Level 1

          It seems that the engineering staff are now on vacation until the 4th Jan.  All that my web case has managed to achieve is for my case to be escalated to the correct team - that has taken 4 days. That means the present I am giving my wife will not work.  This is through no fault of mine.  I followed the install instructions to the letter, but nowhere did they say that the user Id for Adobe has to be the same as the user Id for Sony.  Because of this I have a shiny piece of hardware but without the books I have bought (favourites of my wife) on it.  Jim wrote this to someone in the same position "However, fortunately for you, I find it hard to play Grinch this time of year, so I've reset device activation count back to 6."  It is a pity that he didn't do the same for me.  I guess I'll have to wait until next year.  I wish I had bought the b****y thing

          Happy Holidays everyone

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            Actually support can and does activation resets, and your case would have been fixed by support yesterday (12:30 GMT), but you didn't give the correct AdobeID - the one you are trying to authorize ADE with.  I would suggest that you try to activate again and then update the support case with the full and exact text of the error message (they should be contacting you today if they already haven't to get that information).  The last set of numbers in the error code is your account ID and that will be sufficient and unambiguous way of determining which account you are actually using.

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              Dave_Lord2 Level 1

              Thank you Jim.  I thought I'd answered the question but it seems we talk different languages.  I have updated my web query with this information

              E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 56:56:6056 urn:uuid:d9957d58-7701-460a-84a4-1ef4d64599c5

              I hope that helps.


              I am very grateful for your assistance.  Disappointed kids are hard to bear on Christmas day - a disappointed wife is off the scale

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                Jim Lester Level 4

                I reset your activation counts back to 6 each (for computers, and devices - such as the Sony Reader).  Just FYI the AdobeID you gave support was a gmail address, and the AdobeID you actually used to activate with, was from your personal domain.


                (they are your email address so I don't want to be more specific on a public forum).


                And yes I know that English isn't always the same language as American

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                  Dave_Lord2 Level 1

                  Thank you Jim.  My wife will be happy and consequently so will I.  You could be in marriage guidance!!!