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    Problems burning dvds


      When I tried burning straight from the timeline it would hang during complilation. So I created an avi file and set that to go. It encodes ok, then the progress bar gets to around 95% on compiling media and appears to stop. Eventually it jumps to 96% and out pops the dvd, which appears to run ok. The progress bar remains at 96% and Task Manager says it isn't responding. Adobe Premiere Elements.exe is using 50% of the cpu. It's a pain because I have to close Elements down from Task Manager. The clip is 1 hour long and my system has a 3GHz dual core pentium processor and 3GB memory, which I appreciate is a bit limited.


      Any idas please?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          While not specifically for PrE, this FAQ Entry from Encore (Adobe's full-featured authoring program) might point you in a direction to cure the Transcoding not completing, or hanging. Look at entry 1, regarding the Media Cache.


          Also, what brand of blank media are you using?


          I am not sure if I follow this part:


          I created an avi file and set that to go


          Can you please elaborate?


          Have you tried Burn to Folder, for later Burning to Disk, or is that what you are doing above? If you do get a successful Burn to Folder, you can use a program, like the freeware burning utility, ImgBurn, to do the physical burn. Note: there are a bunch of ads on that page for other utilities, etc.. You will want to download ImgBurn and nothing else.


          Next, this FAQ Entry, also from the Encore forum, might give some tips on burning a DVD-Video.


          HERE are some tips on setting up a computer for editing, but I find them useful for an authoring session too.


          Good luck,



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            laserblazer23 Level 1

            Thanks, I'll take a look at the encore help. What I meant

            was that I exported to an avi file and then start

            ed a new project using the avi file. All these additional steps are a bit of bind,

            I guess I'm used to Elements 2, where I finished the edit, set

            it to burn and could rely on it to do so. I've tried Verbatim and PiData blanks so far.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you for the clarification.


              So, you have tried to burn from your original source footage, and then from the Exported/Shared DV-AVI, and both fail in the Transcoding stage. Is that correct? It also seems that the Transcoding of each Project fails at about the same point. Is that also correct?


              As a test, I'd try the Burn to Folder. If Transcoding fails there, then the burner can probably be ruled out.


              Also, how much defragmented free space do you have on your system? There are working files that are much larger than just the finished Project, that PrE needs room to write. Transcoding failing can also come from having too little room to work. Let's try to rule that possibility out.


              Good luck,