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    Adobe After Effects or Premire Pro?

    phnord Level 1

      I'm looking to do a little bit of video editing / creation, and I'm not sure which to go for. I come from a mostly musical background, but as I do some film scoring and such I'd like something more sophisticated than iMovie or Quicktime to cut together video footage on my Mac.



      To elaborate, here are features I would specifically be looking for:


      Project organization in a similar way that DAWs like REAPER or Digital Performer do for Audio (e.g. sequences, timelines, etc.)


      The ability to tile multiple videos into one (this is one of the features I can't find in other software I have on-hand, like iMovie)


      Optimally, something that can do video-capture as well as editing already-existing footage - from a Capture Device or an iSight camera


      Nice transitions, filters, titles and other post-processing effects would be nice


      Quick rendering and preview functionality


      An intuitive learning-curve, for someone fluent in DAWs, Photoshop, iMovie, and advanced computer / programming knowledge



      What program would be better for this kind of thing?  Or is there some other, Non-Adobe Mac Application you would recommend that covers the above?


      Thanks in advance - any advice is much appreciated!


      P.S.  I've posted similar threads in the Creative Suite and Premire Pro forums, as I'm not sure where is best to ask this...

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What you describe are more or less classical editing tasks (multi-cam, infinite audio tracks, realtime audio etc.), most of which AE cannot provide. therefore Premiere Pro seems like your tool. The only other viable option for Mac is naturally Final Cut Pro from Apple themselves. It really depends what you are looking for, what your budget is and what you need. Personally I'm always thinking of "suites" and then things like outputting to BluRay or specific web formats become relevant, which Apple at this point cannot offer. If you get my meaning: If you can't distribute it, the nicest video is of limited or no use. And of course with a suite you also get Photoshop and otehr programs that might be useful one way or the other. this is not to say that Apple's tools are bad, but their scope really doesn't extend much beyond doing cutting, adding a few effects and putting it on DVD. For most otehr things you'd still need other tools in addition. Well, whatever. At least for Adobe's stuff, there's always the chance torun the trials and make up your own mind....



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Mylenium is, as usual, very correct. If you get After Effects alone you will be very unhappy. What you're asking for, Premiere Pro is all about.


            AE shines in compositing, motion graphics, and color correction. Premiere does cutting.

            Could you cut in AE? Technically, yes. Would you have real-time previews? Definitely no.

            Premiere is the way you want to go. And, in the future, if you feel like going further into special effects or motion graphics, After Effects plays very nicely with your edited sequences in Premiere.