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    Upgrading Efficiency

    Hira Meijin

      I've been considering upgrading my entire rig for some time, currently I'm running: 

      Foxconn MCP73M01H1 (supports up to Core 2 Duo) 
      CPU Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz E1250 
      2 GB RAM
      PNY Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT 512MB 
      500 GB HDD 
      Foxconn MCP73M01H1

      I use my PC for editing with After Effects and Premiere Pro, and in the future hope to edit HD footage (720p or 1080p) on it as well. This holiday I'm looking to upgrade my PC on a budget. I'd say around $200-$250 or so would be my limit.  I'm wondering if upgrading my RAM to 4GB (my motherboard's max) and upgrading to Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz Wolfdale would be a worthwhile upgrade, or if I should upgrade to a cheaper CPU like a 600 or 700 - would I see much a difference between these CPUs? Is it even worth upgrading my PC right now?: Can I get by for another year or 2 with an E8400 or should I just buy an entirely new PC? Can I edit HD footage smoothly on a E8400? So far I've been hearing/reading online that RAM is really the only necessary component for it, and I wouldn't have a problem with, after upgrading my CPU this winter, upgrading my motherboard to a board with more RAM capacity, and increasing my RAM.

      A lot of questions, I'm not really knowledgeable, much appreciation to those who provide some feedback.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I would save the money and wait half a year longer to get a new machine. Not that your planned upgrades wouldn't improve matters, but you may get yourself into configuration and compatibility problems that cost you a lot of nerves and make your system unstable....