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    Dynamic Text Not Appearing

      I've attached the script at the bottm of this page to a button. When you click the button the text appears in the dynamic text box (which I'm calling answers). That works perfect in a new project, however, when I try to do the same thing inside a flash template that I purchased online I get different results. The button still functions as a button, but the text does not reveal itself in the dynamic text box. It's almost as if there is some overriding scripting causing this to not work.

      I did find one interesting thing. When I test the movie and hit Debug --> List Variables. I see the line: text = , --- I found out that I had to change the scripting to say root.main.txt.answers.text instead of root.answers.text -- now when I test the move and hit Debug --> List Variables I see that text = "Answer to Quetion 1", -- that's a step in the right direction, however, the text still does not actually reveal itself in the dynamic text box.

      I'd appreciate any ideas out there! Thanks.