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    Illustrator CS4 bug?

    Alainv02 Level 1

      I don't know if this is a bug or what but I find it quite annoying: Illustrator CS4 sometimes slightly (1 or 2 'millipixels') changes the size or location of my artwork without any reason. Examples:

      - I save using the .ai format. When I open that file later, the artwork is not centered anymore. Instead of being centered at 512x512 (I often use a 1024x1024 artboard), it is like 511.999x512.

      - I move an object. Same problem, its size has slightly changed.

      - Just happened, that's why I'm posting this: I have a 176.724x176.724 px object selected. I'm resizing it to 510 px using the bar at the top, with 'constrain proportions' enabled (the little chain symbol). So after resizing it should be 510x510, no? Well, no... it is 510x509.999 (or 509.998 I can't remember).


      Am I doing something wrong or is it just a bug?


      [edit: I forgot another thing that might be related: cutting and pasting an object doesn't center it to the artboard. It's close, but not at the center.]

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          markerline Level 4

          Not sure what's going on with the first part of your question--the units in AI.


          But as far as copy/paste or cut/paste is concerned AI never centered a pasted object on the page, even before multiple artboards were introduced in CS4.  The thing that it could do was "paste in place" which would put the pasted object directly on top of the original area that it was copied or cut from.

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            Alainv02 Level 1

            Hi Markerline, the '.ai' part of my question is not important at all. The important thing is: my artwork is finished, perfectly centered. I'm saving and closing Illustrator. When I open the file later, my artwork is not centered anymore...

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              moluapple Level 4

              Maybe you create file in version CS4, and have save your file in old version ,such as CS or CS2 and so on?