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    opening the form will remove usage rights?

    kc_chaitu Level 2

      Hi everyone,



        I reader extended a form in my trial version. After that, when I try to open the form in livecycle designer, I see a message box saying that


      " Some usage rights have been applied to the form you want to open. Opening the form will remove usage rights. Do you want to continue? "


      Why is this message appearing? why is it removing the usage rights when I open the form?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Charles Myers 4th Level 3

          I think that there is some confusion on reader extensions.  A person/process applies reader extensions rights to a designed form.  If you read an existing form into designer and make a change, that constitutes a new form.  The reader extensions process had been done on the input.  You have to reader-extend the form with the changed design after you save it from designer.


          I would expect that you would NOT get a message like this if you opened the form in Reader.


          Think of reader extensions like it was a signature.  If you change the underlying document, you invalidate the signature.  The message box is alerting you to the fact that the redesign process will remove the reader extension rights and you'll have to do the reader extension process again.