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    i7 CPU Question


      Hi Everyone,


      I've been reading these forums for quite awhile and taking in all the great advice and answers.  I now have a question regarding processors.  I understand the opinion that under the current price points, the i7 920 is a superior buy than the 940.  Because the hefty price differences don't justify the limited gain one gets with the 940.  My question is this, Frys has the 940 on sale for about $330 and currently the price I see on the 920 on places like newegg is $280.  Given the $50 difference is it worth it to buy the 940 or is overclocking the 920 still the way to go? (I'm not worried about spending the extra 50 bucks, but more curious if I should).  I picked one up since they stopped production on them and quantities were limited, but I have two weeks to return it.


      I'm going to build a new computer over the next couple of weeks, and then plan on swapping out the cpu when the new versions come out later this year and drop in price (assuming they are compatible with the x58 motherboard, which I believe I read they would be).  But for now, I need a faster setup than my Q6600, 64 bit vista, 8 GB.  The rendering times on some of my projects are killing me.


      I primarily work in Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, both CS4 versions.  Most of the videos I create are either industrial for DVD / Web or web videos created with green screen.  I also make short films for film festivals.


      Any opinions would be appreciated.


      Take care,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          For that price difference I would keep the 940. It offers better OC capability and better turbo mode. Count yourself lucky to have found it at this price tag.

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            dapali Level 1

            Thank you for your feedback Harm.


            Take care,



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              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

              That Fry's ad is a day behind in my East coast area.  $329.99 is a super deal.  Fry's also has a Cooler Master case, Elite 341 Mid Tower on sale for $14.99 after a $10 mail-in rebate.  This case is listed on Newegg.com for $50.


              While I was at Fry's yesterday I saw a computer with a large LED touch screen. I did a search for a hi-def *WMV on this system. The playback was amazingly vibrant and sharp on the clip that I found.


              I wonder if an LED would be a good choice for a video editing reference monitor. I noticed in the TV section at Fry's that the Samsung 55" LED's have a picture so sharp and clear that motion picture level special effects look less realistic.