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    Premiere>Encore and Premiere>Clip Notes Problem


      I am having a problem that appears when exporting from Premiere (CS4) to Encore or to Clip Notes.


      The opening of my projects is the FBI warning still; this transitions to an imported 'produced by' animation; this then transitions to a 'directed by' still which then a dip to black for moment; then street sounds start -- all so far so good. Very quickly after the street sounds start in black, the actual video footage commences and this is where the problem is.


      What one sees is a small image off to the lower right of the screen - the image that should be in full screen is re-positioned off screen to the right and is also lower. The only image one is seeing is the upper left quadrant of the image one should be seeing, the rest of the image, being off-screen, is not seen. This occurs for 16 frames then it snaps to the correct position.


      Key points:


      This is not occurring in Premiere. It occurs ONLY after exporting to Encore through the ADL (watching it in Preview), AND it occurs when it is exported to Clip Notes.


      It does NOT occur if the file is exported to Encoder then checked by burning it to DVD via a third-party burn program.


      There are no keyframes in the clip in question. And there are no keyframes in the clips prior.


      We have checked the properties of the clip in question, the clip prior, and the clip after, and they are all identical in terms of position, etc.


      Anyone got a clue?