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    Modifying webpage graphics

      New to this forum. I have used Dreamweaver and Fireworks for almost a year, more recently now as I have a client that is eager to change their web pages. I have the gif files (but not png extensions) that I see have probably been sliced, and I am a beginner at slicing. I need to change the text and logo and also the two shades of green on the logo gif and change to blue. I am able to change the blue part but I have to do this with all the gifs of which there are about 7, plus the navigation gifs which number 10 or more.

      Since I don't have the PNG file, I am wondering what route to take? I have been studying the things to do with Fireworks in slicing and using various tools, reading and watching videos. However, I am finding that I am spending a lot of time and also learning, which is a good thing, but I need to get this project moving so I don't lose the client in the process.