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    Converting HD to SD

    FelixUnderwood Level 2

      A couple of TV stations in our area accept tv commercials in HD, so I edit in 1920x1080i. However, one station can only accept SD. I've been taking my HD Sequence and putting it into an SD Sequence and then scaling it down to 45. This causes aliasing on the text however. If I output my HD spot into an uncompressed avi and import it into After Effects, then when I render it out of AE, I get stuttering on horizontal pans, regardless of the Field Order I select (Upper or Lower). I've even tried Progressive to no avail. Ironically, the text looks great and so do shots that don't have horizontal movement. I'd like to avoid redigitizing the HD footage to 720x486 and re-editing in SD. Clearly many people must successfully be doing what I'm trying to do. How this is being done would be greatly appreciated.