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    Flex 3 / Flash Builder 4 - Compatibility Issues

    Jason Villmer Level 1

      I have successfully created  (imported) a Flex 3 project into Flash Builder 4 Beta 2. I have enabled the "Use Flex 3 compatibility mode" checkbox and set the Component Set to "MX Only" as I do not use any Spark Components. The project works fine. (lets call this the Parent app)




      I have built another Spark based swf using Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 as well. This has the Component Set as "MX + Spark". (Because it uses the new Spark Components). I have not turned on "Use Flex compatibility mode" (checking this actually causes errors on exporting a release build). So, I successfully export this new Spark based swf file. (lets call this the Child app)


      Now, when I try to load the child app (using the Spark components) into the Parent app I get "compatibility errors". Strange that the Parent app won't even let me load (Loader class) the Child app inside it. These errors also occur if I change the Parent app to include the "MX + Spark" Component Set. (although the app doesn't use the Spark set)


      Here are the error messages when attempting to incorporate the Child app into the Parent app:


      Error: Compatibility version has already been set.

      at mx.core::FlexVersion$/set compatibilityVersion()[E:\dev\gumbo_beta2\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\core\FlexV ersion.as:242]

      at mx.core::FlexVersion$/set compatibilityVersionString()[E:\dev\gumbo_beta2\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\core \FlexVersion.as:301]

      at _beta_mx_managers_SystemManager()