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    Robohelp tags

      Hi All,

      I am using Robohelp 7 and i am having some problems with the structure.

      I generated some files (Webhelp and HTML help) and sent it across the team in U.S (Redlands).

      The partners over there have their own authoring tool (Content Studio) which they have been using for a while. They have some publisher tool, and when they put the files i sent into the publisher, the Tags in Robohelp overwrite their schema and all the consistency is lost.

      The guys in Redlands are intimidated by Robohelp, so they use Oxygen XML for editing so they have the consistency with their present system.

      So i have to find a way out, so that Robohelp does not overwrite anything or use Oxygen XML.

      They are suggesting us to use Oxygen XML so that i can edit in XML editor to maintain the consistency when our help is incorporated with their help system

      Any one had a similar problem before, or is their a way to fix this up.