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    PE7 media downloader crashing & preview jerky

    ollyhallam Level 1

      I am using a JVC Everio GZ-MG21 HDD Camcorder and Premiere Elements 7 with Windows Vista 32bit, 3GB RAM, AMD Dual Core.


      The problem im having is when trying to import my MOD files from the camera using the media downloader it crashes after displaying the thumbnails and displays a message saying there is a fatal error.


      The next problem i have (not sure it the two are related but maybe) is that once ive got the video files into the project - using windows explorer to drag them into a folder and using PrE 'get media from files and folder' option - the video appears jerky and distorted, near the top of the image, in the preview monitor. I have rendered it but that doesn't help. I also tried to export it as an AVI but the resulting video is still bad. Finally i tried exporting a small part of it to DVD but even that doesn't work.


      The odd thing is that i still have PrE 2.0 installed (vista running in compatibitly mode) and it works perfectly on that!


      Can anyone help as this is causing a lot of frustration! Need to get it sorted as i need to get the DVD's out asap.