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    Merging 101

      Robohelp 7.02.001


      I'm hoping you guys can clarify something for me. I generate 9 single source layouts from a Master project that contains 5 merged projects. I'm trying to take advantage of RH's multiple TOC feature to create a TOC for each SSL. My question is which chm file to merge? Will the chm file for SSL 1 work properly for SSL 2? When prompted to copy to folder and then overwrite the existing chm file, do I say yes to every time?

      The same doubt arises when linking to a remote topic. For example, we provide a tutorial with our application that contains a road map. Four SSLs use map #1, two use map #2, and three use map #3. In the welcome to the program topic, there are three "If you are new..you may wish to check out the Tutorial" The word Tutorial is linked to the tutorial.chm, but again, which chm do I link to?

      Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide.