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    Problems With PrE 8 - Split From Other Thread

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      GEAtkins (Glenn) posted some info on his system into another THREAD. He posted a lot of good information on his system and also on some diagnostics, that I asked for. For anyone, who wants to see his info and a complete statement of his problems, please see the link above. It's a well-detailed post, and he's been quick to furnish the requested data. It's being reviewed now, but would also like for others to review it too, as there might be additional ideas.


      I do not want to pollute that other thread with work on Glenn's issue, or drag it on a tangent, so I'd appreciate that anybody with input on Glenn's problems post to this thread. I will be doing so, as soon as the review of the diagnostics is done. I also did not want to re-post all info provided here, so please just link and read.


      I hope that this will be beneficial to Glenn and not interfere with another thread requesting reports on how PrE 8 runs on others' systems.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          I have received your information and will get back to you tomorrow. I just had a very quick glance at the data (BTW, compliments to Glenn for properly documenting his system and software environment, an example to others IMO) and from this quick glance it looks like the system is still riddled with all the crappy software that Dell ships its machines with. I'll have a more in-depth look at it tomorrow and report back.


          Thanks for the initiative, now let's hope I can find a solution and get Glenn back to an enjoyable editing experience.

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            Thank you for your studied eyes. Your comments mirror my findings, but I wanted the "equipment guru" to also look, as I have been known to miss some important things. At least your young eyes can pick up details that go beyond me.


            Greatly appreciated,



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Bill & Glenn,


              Here are some comments and questions about this Dell Studio system.


              The video driver is from 6/25/2009 according to DXDIAG. While pretty recent, the current version is from 12/10/2009. Update the driver. While you are at it, check the audio driver and other drivers as well. MSINFO gives the video driver date as 11/28/2009, so check that you are using the latest version. Do the same for your Logitech Setpoint driver.


              Your D drive is presumably a recovery partition installed by Dell, judging by the volume name, right?


              Your DirectShow filters show you have Magix, Cyberlink Power Producer, SmartSound and Sony Sound Forge installed. I would not expect any of these to cause problems, but maybe one of these has changed priorities in files or codecs that PE does not like. A simple repair install of PE should correct that eventuality.


              There are a number of programs installed that will put a burden on your system and that are not needed while editing:


              McAfee, Symantec, Data Safe Online, Surveillance System Pro, Sidebar and some others. In the list below the processes not needed are named, followed by the suggested action. "K" for Kill Process, "KT" for Kill Process Tree and "S" for Suspend. If you see a ? it means I'm not sure and you can try S first.


              DockLogin.exe -- ?

              AppleMobileDeviceService.exe -- K

              mDNSResponder.exe -- K

              CreativeLicensing.exe -- KT

              McProxy.exe -- S

              iPodService.exe -- KT

              McNASvc.exe -- S

              Mcshield.exe -- S

              mcagent.exe -- S

              WebcamDell.exe -- K

              DataSafeOnline.exe -- KT

              sprtsvc.exe -- KT

              sprtcmd.exe -- K

              EPSS.exe -- K

              wmdSync.exe -- S

              GoogleQuickSearchBox.exe -- K

              VolPanlu.exe -- K

              DLLML.exe -- KT

              iTunesHelper.exe -- K

              jusched.exe -- K

              VProTray.exe -- KT

              sidebar.exe -- KT

              DellVideoChat.exe -- KT

              GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe -- K

              ezi_ra.exe -- K

              quickset.exe -- S

              GoogleToolbarUser_32.exe -- K


              and end Outlook in the normal way. I suggest you disable the sidebar altogether and permanently. It is an incredible memory and resource hog.


              Have a look at the guide about optimising Vista: How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...


              A number of the processes that should be killed or suspended are continuously intervening with renders and encodes and could well be the cause of your problems.


              Note that killing or suspending processes is only valid for the current session. When you reboot all these settings are lost, but your machine will work as it has always done. If you need a more permanent solution, you have to set the programs to not start at boot time or remove tham altogether.


              I hope this helps.

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                Well, it looks like your list is longer than mine is.





                Page File is too small. Up size to at least 6GB w/ 8GB max. Manage statically.


                Both physical RAM and Virtual Memory too heavily used. Eliminate unnecessary Processes.


                Audio driver out of date (December, 2008) update to latest.


                Video driver out of date (June, 2009) update to latest.


                Drive D:\ full


                How are HDD’s allocated for use in editing?


                You have Adobe, CyberLink, Magix and Sony (Acid?) installed but I see zero conflicts. Except for the Sony audio program, I have the same with no issues, plus several other audio editors.


                11 instances of svchost.exe running. That is a lot of probably unnecessary instances. Can you trace the Processes that are calling these, and eliminate some?


                You’re running McAfee. Do you turn this off when editing?


                iTunes Helper is running. This can be stopped at bootup.


                SnagIt loads several modules. Do you use this all of the time, while editing?


                5 instances of IExplorer are running. Is this normal for your machine?


                TrustedInstaller.exe can be a memory/CPU cycles hog. Do you have Windows Update set to automatic? This will randomly survey your entire system for modules to install. Turn Windows updates to full manual to free up both memory and CPU cycles.


                SearchIndexer is running. This can be scaled back, as it hogs resources.



                I'd suggest looking at this ARTICLE for some tips on setting up for an editing session.




                [Edit] Looking over the two, you found more things to either Kill, or Suspend, than I did. Great work. I also guessed Sony Acid. When I looked a bit more closely, you are correct, it's Sound Forge, not Acid.

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                  Glenn, it appears that you have 3x HDD's, 1x = 250GB, 2x = 350GB. Are these 3x physical HDD's, and not partitions?


                  How are these HDD's allocated? I see that D:\ is nearly full. How is this drive, especially, used?


                  I hope that you do not mind my calling in an expert on this, but I knew that Harm would find more things, than I would. First, his eyesight is better than mine, and he's also smarter! [plus most people say he's also better looking, than I am.]


                  To distill my recs., and I think most of Harm's:


                  Look into static Virtual Memory management in Windows. Up the size of the Page File. Around 2 - 2.5x installed RAM works well for NLE work.


                  There are some Processes that can probably removed from Startup. iTunes Helper is one of those. When doing an editing session, I strongly recommend not having any on-line presence, and then freeing up resources, for that session, by turning OFF some of your security functions. Then, using a Process manager, like EndItAll, to eliminate those Processes, that are not needed. Even on my workstation, for all but the most simple edits, I do this routinely. It is easy, and one can come back and turn those on manually, or just re-boot, and they'll all be loaded.


                  Also, please let me know about your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's. The main questions are above.


                  Harm and I are pretty much in agreement that there should not be any conflicts with your NLE and audio-editing programs. I have most on my workstation, plus many more audio-editing programs (just not Sony). I have no issues doing so. I believe that all were installed after PrPro, and I've seen no priority issues with any CODEC, or modules. All runs fine, so I do not think that there would be a conflict there. I have observed that Adobe, CyberLink and Magix all seem to play very well together, at least in my installation.


                  Good luck,




                  PS - Harm, thank you so much for your time and your report. I know that your efforts will help Glenn, and I appreciate your input, as always. Thanks! The next bottle of Montrachet is on my tab, OK?


                  [Edit] One last question: regarding the SearchIndexer, do you have Windows' Indexing turned on for your HDD's? That program can not only rob resources, but will "lock" your Folders, while it tries to do its thing. It can be useful for .DOC, .TXT, etc. files, but for AV files, and especially the large working files that any NLE generates, it cannot extract any useful info, yet it will try, and try. Every time that a file is changed, like your PREL file, or those working files, it'll run in and "lock" that file, while it tries to extract info from it - every time. It can be turned OFF in your My Computer>[Drive Letter]>Properties panel. In XP, one can determine it's indexing by folders, so one could leave it ON for say your .DOC folder. I do not know how finely you can tune it in Vista, or Win7. I keep it OFF for all HDD's, and a Search is not much slower. Remember, it cannot extract useful data from the AV, or working files, no matter how many times it tries, so all it's doing is hogging resources and "locking" files, that your NLE needs and changes all the time.


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