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    Fix rough transitions?

    rickaltman Level 1

      I have some dialogue that I am editing in which i need to cut out a few verbal ticks and twitches. I have the audio perfect, but as you can imagine, now the video is a bit bumpy. Not the end of the world, but I'm wondering if there is a transition effect or particular technique that can help smooth out rough transitions between cuts?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I'd use a different workflow. Rather than cutting the Audio & Video, I'd edit the Audio separately.


          Let's say that you have one longer Clip with the one Audio Clip attached to it. You can go to your Asset, and use an audio editor, like Audacity, to first rip the muxed Audio from the file. In it, remove the glitches, BUT fill them in with ambiance taken from quite areas of the file. Adobe Audition has a wonder Effect, Remove Transient. It does that automatically, while preserving the ambient sounds. I could not live without it, but Audition is not cheap, so one might have to do so manually. It's not that difficult, but does take a bit of time, and also some careful Copy/Paste to make sure that the Duration of the Transient is replaced exactly.


          If one has multiple Clips w/ Audio, then it might be easiest to first Export just the Audio as PCM/WAV, edit that in the above fashion, and then Import that Saved file into the Project, replacing the individual Clip's Audio with this new, edited file.


          Now, with your workflow, provided that your Clips have enough Frames (Handles) at the cuts, you can use the Cross-Dissolve to smooth things a bit. Adjust the Duration of these Transitions to shorten them some. If you do not have adequate Handles, I'd definitely go with the workflow change.


          Good luck,




          PS - how long is this dialog Clip(s), that you are working with? In a worst-case scenario, you can attach the WAV file to an email, sent to infoAThuntphotoDOTcom (changing the AT to @ and the DOT to .) I'll run it through Audition and take out the Transients. Do two things, if we go this route: give me an approximate TimeCode for the Transients that you want taken out, and also put "Adobe Premiere Elements" in the e-mail's Subject, so that MailWasher does not trash it. Just let me know.

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            Paul787 Level 3

            Rick, I find that fading out to black and then fading in the next clip often works nicely. I also fade out/fade in the sound. If fading to black seems a bit disruptive, I'll use a cross-fade (approx. 1 sec.) while fading out/fading in the sound.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OT, but are you Paul_LS, or a new Paul? If the former, welcome back. If the latter, thank you.



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                Paul787 Level 3

                I wish I was Paul_LS. He's a lot more knowledgeable then I am. I was Paul something (can't remember quite what) until the new forum came out and then re-registered. But there do seem to be quite a few Pauls on this forum. I hope that's a good thing.

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                  Then, thank you for the comments!