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    My 1st edit

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      First videa I ever done!

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          Oops, all I get is a blank screen. Did you attach the AVI, or other, file to the post?


          If so, maybe I need to Refresh, or delete cookies, as all I got was blank space - sorry.




          [Edit] No sooner do I post, and the file comes up! Dang. Will look now and comment. Love the new fora... NOT.


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            Wow, glad that the YouTube link became active for me.


            What beautiful, yet horribly sad children. Nice job! There were a few shots where I think that I would have zoomed in a bit on the faces, to the music.


            Other than that, I enjoyed, yet felt very sad while viewing, the piece. Thanks for sharing. Very touching.




            PS - my wife's hospital has a group in the Philippines, who do nothing but recruit nurses, as they have proved to be some of the best, and have been valued contributors to healthcare in the US. Obviously great skill sets, education and dedication.

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              I do missionary work in Manila.

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                I do missionary work in Manila.


                You have work cut out for you.


                My wife's hospital, though a Catholic institution, employs a team of Mormon missionaries to do the recruiting, as many did missionary work there before they moved back to the US proper. These dedicated folk know the territory, the wonderful people, and also the mission of the hospital, though of a slightly different faith. They have done a wonderful job at recruiting and their nurses have been 100% fabulous. Other than the fewer students, I am not sure why the nursing schools in the US proper, have not done better and also more.


                Good luck, and again, thank you for sharing. I only hope that the missionaries are able to extend a hand to most of these children.



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                  Curt Wrigley Level 4

                  Ive been to the Philippines a few times and can relate to the poverty your show here.  Children selling single sticks of gum, 8 people on a motorcycle taxi...  Yet; the culture there is such a happy, friendly people. 


                  Good job on the vid.

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                    Very nice.   What is the song?