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    Iris wipe on rectangle begins with latent image


      I am doing a title with a thin gold rectangle that appears by wiping from the center outward.  Only problem is when the rectangle is on before the wipe, it is partial visibe as a ghost.  It needs to competely transparent.  I cannot figure this out.  Thanks.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your information is vague at best, but let me guess: you are using layer styles to generate the gold effect. If so, then those layer styles would become visible immediately, if a pixel is not 100% transparent, which is quite common with wipes that may produce semi-transparent inbetween values. This comes again down to pre-composing your layer along with the layer styles, then apply the Iris wipe to the pre-comped layer. Also check the layer style options, especially if it is based on an imported PSD. While AE does not give you access to parameters like conditional blending, it will respect them on imported files. If the gold effect is created using conventional effects, check their settings as well.