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    Audio Echo In P2P Apps

    Sean S Murphy

      I've been making a few p2p applications in flex that have to do with audio sharing between clients, and I've got a nasty issue with echo that I can't seem to subdue. We are able to minimize the effects by having every end user plug in their headphones, which effectively cuts off the speakers feeding audio back into the microphone, but this is inefficient, and most users are on laptops that have a built in webcam, speakers, and microphone. We've also managed to reduce this (only minimally) by using the echo cancellation feature in the settings (or through actionscript). Is there any way we can get better quality audio like skype has or google talk? It seems like they have some built in echo cancellation features that really manage to squash all of that echo. Am i just missing some trick that would cancel it?

      I've also done quite a bit of work through fms, and we are experiencing the same issues there. I know echo has been a time old problem since the invention of the phone, and alot of research and money has gone into fixing it, it just seems like we don't have it in flash player, and to me this is probably one of the most important features to have if we're going to be using flash clients for communication.