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    selectedIndex won't reset to 0

    Brentwood Video Level 1
      I have two listboxes getting their data from an XML connector. This is a sign language video dictionary. The first listbox (alphaList) is a list of letters (A,B,C), and the second listbox (wordList) is words starting with that letter. An FLV player grabs a URL from the selectedIndex of the wordList box.

      My problem is that different letters have different numbers of words. So for instance, if a user is on the 5th word in "A", then switches to "K" which has only two words, the wordList is trying to load index 5, which doesn't exist. The player locks up.

      All I need to do is set the selectedIndex of the wordList to 0 whenever a user changes the value of the alphaList, which I thought I could do with this code:

      alphaList.changeHandler = function(){
      wordList.selectedIndex = 0;

      However it doesn't work, and my output window returns "1004: Invalid contentPath" which makes me think there is a problem with the value being passed to the FLV player.