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      Anybody know how to reach Kleanthis Economou and/or get hold of a copy of his FireFrame 2.  His projectfireworks.com site is gone; the domain is lapsed.  The extension is still available here at Adobe, and you can send him money via PayPal, but you don't get the extension because his email isn't valid, I supposed. If anybody knows how to reach him please let me know, as I would really like to have that extension back, even if I have to pay for it a second time - in fact, I already have.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Kleanthis's Twitter ID is "pixelfusion"

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            JohnGavin Level 1

            Thanks. I had found that, though he hasn't been tweeting of late. Also found a gmail address.  He's got a very Google-friendly  name.  I have not heard from Kleanthis, though he did refund the payment I had sent to him by attempting to purchase the extension again.  I did find a photoshop extension that applies "sloppy borders" to images.While it's not as flexible as FireFrame in that it doesnt' have a wide variety of masks, it's more powerful, because it applies the effect to a group of images automatically, and can automatically vary the effect for each image.  The results look good,  so I'm happy, and so is my client.


            The extension is here, in case anybody is interested: