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    CS4 crashes using Cineform Zoom and Pan, Media Encoder crashes


      I am glad I didn't go ahead and purchase the CS4 Production Suite.  Downladed the trial with the following results:

           1.  Capture would not recognize my Canon HV20...what happened to the Cineform capture presets from CS3? I think I tried everything...

           2.  Used HD link to capture HD vid onto hard drive.  a great utility

           3.  Imported into CS4 and began editing.  Everytime I tried to use Cineform Pan and Zoom effect, Premiere crashed...everytime. Yes, I have the latest updates for prospectHD.

           4.  OK, so no pan and zoom.  Sent the project to MediaEncoder, trying a variety of formats, and they all got to 5 of 6 minutes into the encoding and Media Encoder stopped working, crashed, or reported an error.


           If someone can convince me, I will still upgrade.


           Equipment:  Core2Quad Q6600
                               D975xbx2kr board
                               EVGA 8800gts graphics

                               8 g ram
                               Scratch disc is raid 0, 7200rpm

                               Windows 7 64bit

                               Cineform HD

      PS   I have downloaded and updated with the latest drivers and updates for CS4