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    how to reconnect a socket connection when it drops ?



      i have created a socket connection.  suppose when the socket connection drops, i need to reconnect them for three times. If it fails at third time, i need to show some popup message.


      I not sure on how to do this.
      Can any one help on this...

      Below is my code

      myXML = new XMLSocket;
      myXML.onConnect = handleConnect;
      myXML.onXML = handleXML;
      myXML.onClose = handleDisconnect;

      myXML.connect("servername", port);
      function handleConnect(connectionStatus){
      connectionStatus ? trace("Connected.") : trace("Connection failed.");
      function handleXML(xmlObject){
      trace("Object recieved:: "+xmlObject);
      function sendXML(textToSend){
      myXML.send(new XML('"+textToSend+"'));
      function handleDisconnect(){
      trace("Connection lost.");

      Thanks in advance