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    Can't access 'compound path'

    erinlc Level 1

      I am doing an illustrator tutorial, however have become stuck.


      In the tut, an ink drawing is scanned into illustrator, and vectorized using 'live trace'. Then the image is coloured as follows:


      "I started the coloring by creating one single shape that filled the entire design. I made this by simply making a copy of my vectorized line art, selecting it, and then doing the following: Object>Compound Path>Release, then Object>Ungroup, then Pathfinder>Add to Shape Area. Basically this process broke all these vector pieces up, then merged them into one single shape."





      Here is my problem: I make a copy of vectorized line art, select it, however when i click on 'object', the 'compound path' option is not available to choose. Where have i gone wrong?