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    Photos mixed up in a drive with Different Drives in the computer

    Shubham Agnihotri

      Case# 181346074


      Customer ststing " I have about 45,000 photos indexed in the orgainzer with an average of at least 2 tags per photos.  I was using using a mirrored dri
      ve setup for safety, until one drive went out and somewere along the way, the drives letters got mixed up and I now have thousands o
      f photos inedexed to one drive and the rest to another.




      Is there anyway which I can change the path on a large scale basis like this ??  Can the idex be dumped to a text file where it can
      be edited with a "search and replace" and then reload ?




      I have tried to re-connect a batch of files,  but it will not find the file if it is not on the designated drive shown in the index.
        It scans right on past the same photo on another drive.  I do not think that this was the way the older verison worked.  I am fair
      ly sure that in the past if have had drive crashes and etc. and did a "re-connect" by just pointing to the drive where the photos we
      re now stored and it would go thru and re-connect the photos to the new drive.




      Help !!  I'm facing a major project the way the program now works."


      Windows Vista.


      Please help.