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    PDF and Javascript


      I am using Adobe Acrobat 5.0.


      I am having two issues.


      Issue 1:

      A javascript code is written such that when a hyper link is clicked
      the code will make a specific bookmark to automatically expand or
      collapse. Each time the link is clicked the book mark
      expands/collapses as expected but the child within the bookmark
      gets deleted for every click! When all the children of the bookmark
      gets deleted again the child names are listed in full. How to
      correct this.



      var bmark = bookmarkRoot.children[0];


      //following command will expand the specific bookmark.




      //in the above-specified bookmark I have 4 children (topics). Each
      time the link is clicked, the bookmark expands but the children get


      Normally we can create hyperlinks in PDF through "Link Properties".
      Is it possible to create hyperlinks through javascript?


      When a hyperlink is clicked a specific bookmark is called to view
      its contents. This is OK when dealing with one or two bookmarks. In
      case of more than 10 bookmarks Is it possible to bring the bookmark
      (say 15th bookmark that is not in view) directly to focus through
      javascript code.


      Issue 2: Index

      Using Index wizard I generated the index for the PDF. But I don't understand how to call or use this index (.pdx) file in my document.


      Thanks in advance.


      With thanks and regards,