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    Importing XML (from Final Cut to Premiere CS4) -- problem with "clip speed"

      I have encountered a big issue with transferring a project from Final Cut to Premiere CS4 -- clips with altered "clip speed" have wrong IN and OUT points!



      Another post house that uses Final Cut had to hand off a project to me.  They exported the project as XML out of their Final Cut -- everything per Adobe's latest instructions.


      At my facility, I am running Premiere CS4.  XML imported on the first try and without any errors.  All the video files are in place, and overall the timeline looks good -- with one MAJOR exception:


      There are over a 100 clips throughout the timeline that have had their "clip speed" set to anywhere between 50% and 70%.  This is expected -- I know the other post house did this to achieve slow-motion on those particular clips.


      However, the IN and OUT points of these clips are completely screwed up:  The IN and OUT points seem to be somewhere OUTSIDE the source's clips boundaries.  So, on my Premiere's timeline, these clips (the ones that have their speed altered), show up with diagonal warning bars through it -- in other words, Premiere is telling me these frames are outside the source media's in our out points.  Obviously, all I see is black when the playback bar passes over those clips.


      I have been fighting with this for a couple of days now and I have a deadline fast approaching...


      Has anybody encountered a similar problem?  Does anybody have both a Final Cut and a Premiere CS4 system and could try to do a test for me?  Any ideas for a way to fix this?


      Due to the overwhelming number of clips this issue affected, manually replacing all those clips on the timeline is not a good solution.


      I was thinking there is some kind of bug in the XML export or import that creates a timecode offset.  If I could figure out what the TC offset is, I could use the slip tool on each of those clips to slip them the correct amount.  Still a manual operation, but better than re-editing the whole project!


      Any ideas?  Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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          fuaho Level 1

          You're asking a lot of an XML.


          Something to try:


          select all clips and copy them. create a new timeline with the same sequence properties. make sure CTI is at beginning and paste.


          in this new sequence, select a clip that has not had speed changed (100%). right click on it and select copy properties. select all clips and paste properties.




          this may reset all your In & Out points to their proper duration. if so, you can then adjust the timing of the requisite clips as necessary.


          For best results using XML files, there should be NO: effects, dissolves, "black slugs," audio mixing or anything other than a plain vanilla straight cut.