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    Code Size Limitations

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      Hey Flexsters,


      So I am building a form/bid estimator, and I have added <mx:Model> lists in XML format to populate ComboBox drop downs. So far I have 3 of them, combining for around 1500 lines of information.  Is there a best practice amount of info to use in the <mx:Model> area that I should keep in mind?  I have a few more ComboBox(es) to add to the app, and wonder if I am going to make it slow or disfunctional if I get too much information referenced that way.  Is there a better way than what I am doing to populate a pull-down menu?  Sample code below:


      In the top of the Application source area I have this:


          <mx:Model id="signals">


              <signal label="VUC (included)" data="VUC"/>

              <signal label="IP Endcoder-Onsite" data="OSIP"/>

              <signal label="Fiber" data="FIB"/>

              <signal label="ISDN" data="ISDN"/>

              <signal label="Satellite" data="SAT"/>




      Then placed in the Panel I have:


      <mx:ComboBox dataProvider="{signals.signal}" id="signalTypeCombo" editable="false" enabled="true" change="this.selectedItem=ComboBox(event.target).selectedItem" x="10" y="37">


      This is the smallest of the sources - I have one that lists the 1000 largest global cities...so I am not sure if I am going in the right direction, or if this is exactly how I should be populating the menus.


      Once a selection is made, I have another panel to display the selected options which I am hoping to have printable in a summary format, but I am still trying to figure that part out...I just want to make sure I am building the data selections properly.


      Thanks as always for your advice!



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          no takers so far....


          So ammending my question a bit, is this a better way to create the functionality, what might be the advantages to using <mx:Model> vs. <mx:DataProvider> with <mx:Object> structure?


          Same effect but different, not sure which is better..thoughts?


          <mx:ComboBox id="signalTypesCombo">


          <mx:Object label="VUC (included" data="VUC"/>

          <mx:Object label="IP Encoder" data="OSIP"/>

          <mx:Object label="Fiber" data="FIB"/>

          <mx:Object label="ISDN" data="ISDN"/>

          <mx:Object label="Satellite" data="SAT"/>







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            dataProviders are a list of things.  model is a jumble of things.  Similar to Array vs Object.


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