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    MP3 on timeline won't play from stub projector

    cjebes Level 1
      I can't tell you how many times I have imported MP3s into a timeline, used the "wait for cuepoint" selection in the timeline, and was able to make everything work. Now that I'm using a stub projector to launch into other Director files, the next movie launches, but when it come time to play the MP3, it just sails right through like there's nothing there.

      However, if I make a projector from this particular movie, the audio plays and waits for the end cue point just like I have it set to do. I'm apparently missing something in the stub projector that is not playing the audio on the launched movies. I've crammed every Xtra I had into the projector, and now it works. What Xtras should I have in there. I don't want to keep too much in there and bloat the stub.

      Thanks for any advice.