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    [JAVA CORBA] Stability of InDesign Server CS3 / CS4 on Mac OS X

    Alex OUDIN


      We have a big issue with InDesign Server (cs3 or cs4) in Java Corba on Mac OS X. We have a software that manages multiple instances of InDesign Server. This software launch instances and load balance InDesign documents on each instance (it simply loads document on the less loaded instance).

      Infortunatly, on Mac OS X, an instance of InDesign Server unexpectedly quits.

      When an instance is launched, two processes are in memory (words surrounded by brackets are representation of what varies between each instances):


      (1) /bin/bash /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS3 Server/indesignserver -iorfile [PATH]ior_[NUMBER].txt -pluginpath Server/Corba -configuration instance[NUMBER]

      (2) /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS3 Server/InDesignServer.app/Contents/MacOS/InDesignServer -iorfile [PATH]ior_[NUMBER].txt -pluginpath Server/Corba -configuration instance[NUMBER]


      When an instance unexpectedly quits, only the process (2) is still alive.

      Instances randomly quits:

      - it's not always the same instance that quits

      - an instance can quit after only 1 hour or several days of working (with or withouth having any document loaded on it)

      - an instance can quit even if a document is loaded on it. It's a big problem, because java program can't kill the process (we need root rights in order to do this - tomcat won't have it) and the document loaded on the crashed instance can't be accessed anymore until the instace is manually killed (which can result in data loss if the document wasn't saved).

      Important : this doen't happen on Windows 2003 Server (instances are launched by our sofware, not as a service).


      My questions are :

      a) Is this a known bug on the Mac OS X plateform and is there any workaround for it?

      b) If No, how can we find a solution to this? We haven't found any memory dump / crash report on the disk. If there is any, where should they be located ?

      c) How can we reach Adobe's InDesign Server support in order to declare this bug?