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    Getting CS3 to recognize same project on different drive?

    Intercostal Level 1

      I have a couple of different external drives that have copies of my projects. Depending on what else is hooked up to my laptop the 2 drives could be named either  F, G, H, I , J., etc..... The main external I open my project from was named F:\ for the longest time. Now my laptop recognizes it as G:\. When I open a project from that drive in Premiere it asks where all the files are. When I try to rename the drive in Computer>FreeAgent Drive (G:) it just renames it "FreeAgent Drive F:(G:)", not changing the actual drive name. No matter what I unplug, restart comp, etc... the former F: drive is now recognized at G:. 


      Within Premiere I can't seem to find an easy way to get all the files which were formerly associated with F: now to be associated with G:.


      Is there a way to either to rename the drive as F: through Windows or within Premiere make Premiere recognize that all the files associated with the project are now on a G: drive.


      I understand that I can individually reassociate all the files to G: but that would take several hours.