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    Pete-1967 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a problem with Flash displaying correctly in Firefox, again!

      I have a swf a specific size, I am using a table based page layout with a cell the same specific size as the swf. More importantly the bottom of the cell I am placing the swf in is in an important place, lining up with a background line.

      Now, when the swf is placed in the cell and previewed in IE it all lines up and is exactly where it should be..........oh no not in Firefox. In Firefox it 'always', no matter what I do with it, raise itself off the bottom of the cell. I have tried 'everything' making sure settings are bottom ect but it seems or at least appears the Firefox places an invisible border round the swf a pixel or two deep making it impossible to get the bottom of the swf to line up exactly where I want.


      Please, does anyone know of this and how to get round it?


      Many thanks, P