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    Transition problem on stills and titles

    George g8fgsfdg8

      Premier Pro 1.5

      1H 52Min finished SD video

      All video content SD DV, same settings, same camera, same master tapes

      All stills 480 max or 720 max with a black video layer below

      All titles made in PP1.5

      Many music tracks along  with native audio from the clips


      Everything went great, all transitions, stills and titles look good in the timeline. All looks good in the single file avi export from PP1.5 as played with windows media.


      As soon as I import the avi into Encore 1.5 to author the DVD, a few transitions between stills and/or titles get scrambled. It happens on about 3 random transitions out of maybe 50 - 100 of them. Sometimes a transition effect (fade) is involved, sometimes there is no effect. An example is 2 stills or titles adjacent to each other with the same duration. After the import to Encore the durations get hosed and the second still or title flashes for less than a second.


      Any ideas? Other than this problem this long and involved video is flawless.