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    Text Cropping Issue




      I am having a problem:  Inside of my flash animation, I have text contained in movie clip symbols.  These are single lines of text, and in many of these lines, a portion of the final letter of the line is cropped off (meaning, for instance, that you cannot see the right end of the final "0" of the number $14,000).  This problem is visible both inside of the main flash display window, as well as in the exported .SWF.


      Inside of this forum there have been many suggestions made to fix this problem:  1) adjust the x/y coordinates so that the image rests on a whole number pixel value, 2) expand the text box inside the symbol to make sure that there is plenty of room for the whole word to be visible, or 3) convert the text to dynamic or selectable text.


      I have tried each of these proposed solutions, yet none have worked.  This seems to be a fairly common problem:  I have seen several posts here from other users who seem to be having the same issue.  And yet, no one seems to have provided a satisfactory/successful solution.


      Any help would be very greatly appreciated.




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          RossRitchey Level 4

          If the text is static, and unchanging, then I suggest breaking it apart.


          Ctrl+B twice on the PC, or Cmd+B twice on the Mac.


          This converts it to vector graphics.  So, the text will never be usable as text again (IE - no changing it) but it gets rid of any problems the text field creates.


          Although, I have never had a text field size problem that enlarging the text field didn't solve.


          Perhaps if you add another letter that is essentially invisible (shrink it to 1px, and make it similar to the main color of the background - or, if the font is embedded, change its alpha to 0)