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    Hotspot text compiles showing code, not a working link


      Help would be very appreciated; sorry for not being able to find this in the Adobe site or Grainge..


      Everytime I open my webhelp project, the hotspot text shows code instead of remaining as a hotspot; this is true if the hotspot is in a table or outside table.  I have to keep rebuilding my hotspot text almost everwhere >>> not everywhere <<<<< in my word doc.


      Everytime I open the file, the word doc does not keep the hotspot as a hotspot, shows the code, or the compiled version shows a green instead of blue color, and on top of all this, everytime I open the hpj file I cannot get the toolbar to display properly; all the Robohelp stuff that should be in the toolbar ISNT and I have to keep going into view /toolbars/ customize /options /always show full menus and toggle the dang little checkbox on and off even THOUGH it's already checked.


      What gives and note: I am an original user of RH from the way back machine.


      Also note: I would REALLY like to avoid having to do a reinstall so if ANYONE can comment on this please do asap.


      Also, has anyone else noticed we cannot read the apology text anymore re: the Adobe support apology?