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    Bugs in AE at duplication of a composition with effects PB!

    alruden2 Level 1

      I very much like to use PB in AE but sometimes there are bugs!


      The project and the PB-file is attached.


      Open a project and duplicate a composition "FilterComp1", then compare both compositions, they are different!

      When I duplicate my effect in new composition (newComp->White Solid 2->UV map 1.2) and delete old, then all works! But my effect change name from "UV map 1.2" to "UV map 1.3")))

      Still an example,
      a composition "FilterComp2Comp" include "FilterComp2", they are different too! Sequence of actions for reception of such composition I do not remember, but sometimes the such occurs.

      I tested this project on several computers and all has repeated!

      In the big projects where filters PB are used, constantly there are errors



      Such projects long time open and before the start render of a simple composition delay from 3 - 20 min.

      As I have noticed work worsens after the first Save/Autosave of project.