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    Cannot unlock file used by Contribute/Dreamweaver


      Hello all,


      Trying to find a solution to this very annoying problem. I have a file that was sent to me for review and, because of something about our setup, I was not able to publish directly from Contribute. Rather, I copied the code and pasted into the file, then uploaded through DW. File is up there, no problem viewing it, but when the owner tried to edit, they found that it could not be edited because "This file is being reviewd by others and owned by "Macromedia Contribute".


      So I went on to the server, made a copy of the file, deleted it and then moved the copy back to the original name. This allowed the user to use Contribute to edit and publish the file, only to immediately have the same problem. This time, however, it was owned by the user.


      Forward to today, I get a call from the user. This time, I downloaded the file to my computer in DW, then deleted the file, restarted the server and then reuploaded. We're currently back to the file be owned by "Macromedia Contribute" and if I view the file info with Goliath, I can see that it has an infinite dav lock on the file. I have removed all .lck files I can find, I have restarted the server multiple times but nothing is working.


      Does anyone have a solution I can attempt besides blowing out the whole Contribute set up? I can't even find where all of this webdav lock information is stored that Goliath is reading....at least from there I should be able to change the user or timout on it, but it's nowhere on my server.


      Thanks in advance.