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    Can't remove black bars when converting


      I have seen numerous threads talking about Adobe Media Encoder producing black bars when converting videos.  Some are saying it's a bug w/ CS4, others are saying its something to do w/ non-square pixels.  I really don't know, and I really don't understand most of it, sorry.


      My dilema is, I have some .mov files created in Final Cut Pro with a 4:3 aspect in NTSC.  I need to convert them to .flv so I can stream them on a website.  My current settings are:


      FLV - Web Large, PAL Source (I'm using PAL because it seemed to create a better quality video when I was streaming)

      Export Video

      Export Audio

      On2 Codec

      Resize Video (786x576)

      Frame Rate - 15

      Bitrate encoding - CBR

      Encoding Pass - One

      Bitrate - 1,500kbps

      Undershoot (%Target) - 90

      Quality - Best


      When I export the files and try to play them in a web flash player (480x400) I get black bars on the top and bottom.  I don't really have a lot of experience doing video editing so I'm shooting in the dark here.  I have adjusted a lot of the pre-mentioned settings but still no luck.  Help me out please!