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    LOCKED - Troubles with RH's transform of FM figure titles/tbl captions' formats... Same problem?


      Source agent:  FM 9.0p250, unstructured

      Transformative agent:  RH

      OS:  WinXP Pro V. 2002 SP3

      CPU:  Core2 Quad @ 2.4 GHz

      RAM:  3.25 GB

      Free Space:  12.6 GB

      File Sys.:  NTFS

      Swap: D & E (system-managed)


      Is anyone else experiencing problems with RH not correctly transforming FM figure and table titles? I can get most of my design to work, but I am having a problem with RH not following-through with some of my table title format and figure title format specifications.


      I am having problems with RH not correctly applying, or inconsistently applying, figure title and table caption attributes ("Paragraph" settings) that I specify through Project Settings | Import | Edit | Conversion Settings.


      For example (in FM Table Designer), I have a table title paragraph design, "TT.Table Title", in which I specify Title > Above Table, and specify a paragraph design (FM style) of Arial, 10pt, regular, bold, 0" indents, alignment left. It works fine direct to print or PDF; the same is true with figure titles.


      In RH (through Project Settings | Import > Edit | Conversion Settings [FrameMaker Settings] > Paragraph), I specify that the FM style is to transform through an RH style that I define (through Edit Style button > Styles > Format > Paragraph). I set the alignment, etc., as is required through RH, but when I look at the Design view and/or generate the output (say...Webhelp), RH has not correctly interpreted one or more of my specification's attributes.


      For example, in the case of my table titles, in Design view, RH has centered the title (or in RH terms, the ''Caption") above the table. Or sometimes the bold attribute is missing. In Project Manager, if I right-click and select View, the title/caption sometimes appears as specified; however, if I Generate the WebHelp (or HTML Help, or whatever), the bold formatting isn't there.


      I thought that maybe RH defaulted figure and table titles to a Caption, as that is what it calls that part in the Design view. But when I set Caption to my specs, it made no difference.


      Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance!