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    Double Sided Printing In AI CS4

    Christina Sievers

      Greetings all. I am having trouble printing double sided in AI CS4. When I choose to print, I set my printer settings to print double sided, but when the document prints, the printer sucks in the pages a second time like it is going to print double sided but doesn't print the back sides. So I end up with 2 single sided pages instead of 1 double sided one.


      We are running 3 computers here all with CS4 and printing to the same printer. One of these computers will print double sided from AI no problem, the other two will not. They are all running Mac OSX 10.5 and all have the same version of the printer driver (HP Color Laserjet CP2025) The only difference in installation that I know of is that the one that will print had this printer installed after the upgrade to CS4 and the other two were upgraded to CS4 after the printer was installed.


      I did try re-running the installer for the printer, and that didn't help. Nor did deleting the PPDs for the printer and reinstalling again.


      So, and other suggestions?