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    After Effects - Problems with rendering - please help :(

    Peter_Leo Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      i am sorry about my bad english, but i hope    you can help me somehow. I pruchased the Productions Pro Premium from Adobe some time ago.
      I created some Layers in Photoshop CS4 and  animated them    in After Effects CS4. After that, i rendered a raw file out and imported it    back into After Effects CS4 to save render and preview time. Then the    problems started... my After Effects became laggy and didnt respond for    3-4Seconds. After starting rendering, my PC waited for 10-20 minutes until he    started to render... and longer and later i unchecked the box Write XMP data    in the render settings and the problem has gone. Do you know what i did    wong or why that happens? It has something to do with my losless rendered    .Avis and XMP Metadata... the strange thing is, that this doesnt happens always and with every clips, but maybe there is an anwser for me...


      I got a W7 Os and my PC is very strong with    an i7 cpu and 6gbs of ram..


      I hope you can help me..


      Best    Regards