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    New to PP, need some help...

    Jef Gibbons

      Hi all, just a quick question as I get into Premiere Pro CS4 (on a Mac Pro, 8 core, 12 GB RAM)


      I have 2 cameras I'm working with, the HV30 and the Canon T1i, the HV30 works great, imports properly, and plays back/ edits nicely without the yellow bar above it in the timelline.


      The T1i is a bit more frustrating, I can't seem to find a way to convert the footage to a format that Premiere likes. I've tried converting the MOVs to many different formats, but none of them are playing nicely with Premiere.  The playback is very jerky at times, sometimes tha audio plays and the video hangs then speeds up to catch up, and zooming in the timeline with the video thumbnails turned on takes forever.  I'm guessing my Mac Pro should be able to handle this, esp since it works pretty good with the HV30 footage.


      Does anyone have a suggestion as to a codec or format I should convert to?  I have MPEG Streamclip and Quicktime Pro, and can convert to many formats with both of those.  Thanks for any help!


      PS: the T1i footage is 1280x720, so it's not FULL HD.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to PrPro and to the forum.


          First thing that I'd do would be to get the full specs. on the .MOV files that the T1i is creating. The freeware utility, G-Spot, will give that to you - provided that it runs on a Mac. If not, Apple QT Pro (US$30 upgrade/unlock) will give it to you, though not as completely as will G-Spot. In QT Pro, just hit Ctrl+J and look at the Properties tab. If there is not enough info there, there is bound to be a Mac equal to G-Spot. I just do not know the Mac utilities.


          That would be the starting point. With that info, we can likely tell you how best to handle that footage.


          Good luck,



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            Jef Gibbons Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply, in QT Pro, the files read as H.264, 1280x720 16bit 44.1 30 FPS, Data Rate 31.08 mbits/s


            I have a PC and could load up Gspot if that's not enough info...

            Thanks for the help!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Well, PrPro normally handles the H.264 CODEC pretty well. Now, some have expressed displeasure with the Apple version, though mostly for encoding. The Lead and the MainConcept get higher marks. Not sure which version you have. Again, and coming from the PC-world, I'm not sure if either of those other two will install on a Mac. I assume that they will, and believe that each has a trial, but could be incorrect there. Might be worth a try.


              As for G-Spot on your PC, I'd do that, just in case. It's a tiny program, and quite good - plus it's free. I think that it is the most often recommended utility on this, and most other video fora.


              Also, the CD Audio sample rate of 44.1 should not be an issue, as PrPro handles that well, though there will be some Conforming time, beyond just the conversion to 32-bit floating point.


              Sorry to be speaking in such generalities, but much of that is because of my PC usage. Could be something Mac-specific, that I am blind to. Good luck, and I'll keep thinking about your file specs. Thanks for posting those.


              Good luck,



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                Jef Gibbons Level 1

                Thanks Hunt,

                would it make sense to convert the footage to some other format?  I'm just wondering if it's possible to convert them to MPEG or something like that that Premiere will be happy with, but I'm guessing that would differ from PC to Mac. 


                Strange that the Sample Rate is 44.1 on the cam, with everything video being 48 it's a bit of a nuisance!


                I'll keep playing around with different conversions and if I find anything that works really well, I'll post back here.  Thanks again for your time!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  With HD footage on the Mac, I am not sure what the best conversion format would be. I use a lot of Mac-generated material in the .MOV (Animation CODEC) format, and it edits fine on my PC. However, it is SD material exclusively, so might be of no help at all. I just do not know the power, or limitations of Mac-specific CODEC's. A conversion to HDV might get you what you want, but I'm not the person to ask about which file extension (wrapper), the settings, or even the best program for the conversion. You're talking out of my league there.


                  As for the 44.1 KHz, that is CD-quality audio, and is usually handled fine by PrPro. It takes less "power" to acquire 44.1, than 48KHz. I'd guess that your other camera's mfgr. just made a choice and decided that 44.1 KHz was "good enough." Normally, it is. Think about it, if you rip a CD, you'll get 44.1 KHz. If you use that in a PrPro Project, all should work perfectly, as PrPro can work with 44.1 KHz (so long as there are no oddities), and will just Conform up to 48 KHz 32-bit floating point for editing. It'll just take slightly longer, but you'll probably not even notice.


                  Good luck,