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    Center Align Website in Browser - How?


      I'm fairly new to using Fireworks. Normally I use Dreamweaver for website design but I wanted to give Fireworks a try. I'm developing a website with Fireworks and I want it to be center aligned in the browser at all times. How do I do that with Fireworks? When I design with Dreamweaver I just use absolute positioning so everything stays in the same spot.. I want to try something different. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about but if not www.aol.com has what I'm talking about. If you make the browser smaller or larger the site itself stays in the center.


      Any help would be great.


      Thanks for reading.




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          The best way to do this would most likely be to set this in the css and html. Find the div which contains your main content area and set "margin:0 auto;" in the css. That should work in most cases.


          Fireworks and Dreamweaver don't really generate the best css and html. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to look for an html or css-based solution.

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            lillizzierae Level 1

            Really? Dreamweaver doesn't really generate the best css and html? What would? I mean I'm rusty on writing raw code cause I depend on programs too much. Just curious.



            So when I go to add my external css I'd have to use another program to write it, right? Looking around Fireworks I didn't see how to edit or write external css.


            My other question is in the past like I said I used "position:absolute" This time around I would scratch that from the code and add relative instead? Or jsut have no position at all?



            Thanks for the reply.




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              ceefurn Level 1

              Yeah, because no one really codes their websites the same, and because no browser really renders websites the same, wysiwyg editors will just never be perfect. HTML and CSS are actually really cool once you learn them, and they tend to be easier than other coding languages just by dint of the fact that they're not even true coding languages. There's plenty of great resources online to introduce you to them, personally I like w3schools.com and alistapart.com as pure resources.


              Anyway! You can edit html and css in any text editor. Notepad, Textedit, doesn't matter as long as you save it with the proper extension (.htm or .html for HTML and .css for CSS, naturally). Things in CSS are position:relative by default, so you don't really have to set that. Just be sure not to set it as position:absolute;