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    Slide show will not burn to disc


      When burning to disc, I always get a transcoding error. It then reports an error "running low on system memory, save and proceed with caution." I have a vista machine with a duo core 6600@2.4 ghz processor with 4gb of ram. My processor is running a max capacity and ram is only half used. Are there any settings I can change? or do I need a faster processor?



      At this point I am not updated on what you got help with prior to posting this question.


      But, the first things that I would ask,
      A. what went into this Photoshop Elements 8 slideshow, if photos, what pixel dimensions and how many, if videos, what source, format, and duration, how long is this slideshow?
      B. how did you import the slideshow into Premiere Elements 8 AND have you disabled Background Rendering and AutoAnalyzer features there.
      C. what did you do to the Photoshop Elements slideshow once it was in Premiere Elements 8


      We can unite the above requested information with your computer specifications in next discussions.


      Premiere Elements questions are best posted in the Premiere Elements Forum here.


      I will be watching for your responses.




      I sent 6 slideshows created in photoshop elements to premiere elements (actually photoshop did it, I simply wanted to create a dvd to show these slide shows on a TV) Each slide show contains between 50 - 100 photos only. The original size of these images is 3000 dpi 3970pixels x2707pixels = 2.44mb each. I have not added any video or audio. I used one of the generic DVD menus and added 1 picture to the menu itself. I do have auto analyzer and other auto recognition programs turned off.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I am confused on the dimensions of your still images. What are the pixel x pixel dimensions in your case? This ARTICLE will give you some tips on sizes, and also how to automate the process of resizing in PS.


          As far as "low on resources," or "low on memory," one must consider that there is both RAM and also Virtual Memory (Page File) at play here.


          Please tell us about your Windows Virtual Memory, the size, how managed and where located. I recommend using a static Page File, at about 2 - 2.5x your installed physical RAM. In your case this would be a Page File with a max size of 8 to 10GB.


          Now, please tell us about your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size, the amount of free space on each, the controller type and how you have them allocated.


          This ARTICLE will also give you tips on setting up your computer, and getting it ready for an editing session. On most computers there are many resource robbing, and totally unnecessary programs and Processes installed and launched at boot-up. Most of these can be safely eliminated. Then, when editing, which is about as tough and resource intensive a process as you can do on a computer, many others can be stopped, to free up resources.


          Good luck,



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            jjanowski1 Level 1

            the dimensions of my pictures are 3970 pixels x 2707 pixels.


            I might be easier to explain what I am trying to do: I've imported 1,200 pictures into photoshop elements and tagged them so that I could organize them into groups to make slide shows.  I have six different tags or categories to turn into six slideshows.  It would be nice to have all slide shows on one dvd.  Even though the pictures are tagged, I still needed to arrrange them within the slideshows themselves.  Is there a way to do this within the organizer itself?  I've spent 3 hours organizing these pictures within the slideshows and simply want to burn them to a dvd.  When I tried burning in high resolution, elements shipped the project to premeire and then my problems started.  Last night I choose to burn in low resolution and elements used a "sonic" program for the burn.  The entire project was burnt to one cd successfully, but I am not happy with the low resolution.


            What is the easiest way to organize all of my 1,200 photos into different groups with a specific order?  Once ordered, how do I burn them with a high enough resolution to be viewed nicely on a HD TV?


            After talking to a friend, he thought simply using windows media center might be an easier solution, however I would need to reorganize all of my pictures again.


            I did read the resizing article that was suggested, but it became confusing because there were so many steps to follow.


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As it says in the FAQ, you can resize an entire batch -- all 1200 at once if you'd like -- with just one or two clicks of Process Multiple Files.


              It's up to you, of course. But, if you're trying to create slideshows in Premiere Elements, you are very unlikely to do anything but overload the program with those native-sized files. Trust us on this. You'll save yourself a world of heartache if you always resize your photos to 1000x750 pixels before you bring them into a Premiere Elements project!

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                jjanowski1 Level 1

                I would like not to use premeire elements to create/burn my slide shows.  I have created them in photoshop elements and when I try to burn them together as a group, photoshop automatically ships them to premeire.  I am simply exporting each individual slide show as a wmv file and hopefully I will be able to burn all six files onto a dvd.


                If this does not work and I have to resize all of my photos, do I need to make copies of all of them first? or will duplicate resized photos be automatically generated?  I do not want to lose my original file sizes.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  If you'll have a look at Process Multiple Files you'll see that it allows you to send all of your resized photos to another folder so that your original photos will stay at their original resolution.


                  Exporting your slideshow as a WMV and the using Premiere Elements to turn the WMV into a DVD will save you having to resize your photos. However, creating that WMV will take a lot longer with larger photos than it will with photos optimized for DVD. There are also other liabilities to using a WMV as your source in Premiere Elements (like a reduction in quality and increased rendering times).


                  As I say, it's up to you if the trade-off in inconvenience is worth trade-off in inconvenience (as well as the possibility of choking the program). If I were you, I'd do a couple of test runs first to see if this workflow you've created actually works to your satisfaction before I committed all 1200 photos to it though.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    How large are the resulting .WMV files? Obviously, you will want to burn a DVD-Data disc with those files. For this, you will need another program, as PSE does not burn directly to DVD, Data, or DVD-Video.


                    As for the resizing, this ARTICLE will give you the steps to automate the resizing. You will want to automate the resizing using a different Destination Folder. Personally, I always work from copies of my stills, and AV files (except when I am Capturing from miniDV tapes, which I never reuse). I shoot almost 100% RAW, and process these to .PSD's. These are all stored on my NAS. When I need to use, and to resize the images, I just copy over the .PSD's to one of my internal HDD's, and run my resizing Action(s) on the .PSD's, sending them to a different folder, say "Resized_PSD's" in the Still folder structure inside my Project root folder.


                    Good luck,



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      At another forum you have posted this issue to which I have responded and was waiting for follow up. Now I notice that you have posted the question here, quoting my response for which I was awaiting a reply at that other forum.


                      Be that as it may, after reading through most of what is here the following is what may not be the classical approach to what you want to do but it may get the job done....you are facing major problems..oversized photos and computer resource problems (do we really know how much of your 4 GB RAM is available and how much free hard drive your computer has???) Your computer low memory messages are sending us "a message" in this regard.


                      1. You want your slideshow in DVD-VIDEO format on a DVD disc. For NTSC that means 720 x 480 whether you go the DVD-VIDEO standard or widescreen route. Your photos are grossly oversized for the task. Even if you do not resize them, they will be resized somewhere in the process, either by Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements and, wherever the burden of resizing falls, that will be the focus point for a probable crash.

                      Photoshop Elements automatic task of resizing....

                      a. if you create your slideshow in the Photoshop Elements Slide Show Editor and you use the Output of Save As File Movie .wmv, the burden of resizing falls to the writing of the .wmv for which you set a File Size (profile), namely, DVD NTSC in this case....if you create your slideshow in the Photoshop Elements Slideshow Editor and you use instead the Output Burn to Disc/DVD, a writing of a .wmv is automatically done, followed by transfer of the slideshow to Premiere Elements. Bottom line: in these cases, the focus problem area is the writing of the .wmv in Photoshop Elements.

                      b. if you create your slideshow in the Photoshop Elements Slideshow Editor and you use the Output of Send to Premiere Elements (called Edit With Premiere Elements in v8), you transfer that slideshow by a non wmv route (as is), and the burden of resizing to the Premiere Elements project preset falls on Premiere Elements which then becomes the focus problem area.


                      The following is my recommendation based on your specific situation and are not meant to imply anything else. If this does not work, then you need to give serious thought to resizing the photos prior to creating the slideshow(s) intended for DVD-VIDEO


                      1. Create each of your Photoshop Elements slideshows and output each using the Photoshop Elements Slide Show editor Output option "Save As File Movie .wmv" and File Size (profile) = DVD NTSC. Save each as .wmv to Organizer as well as your hard drive location of choice.

                      2. When all the slideshows are saved to the Photoshop Elements Organizer, in the Organizer go to Create and select DVD with menu and add all of your .wmv slideshows to the dialog provided. Follow the instructions from there to get your slideshows on the Premiere Elements Timeline. When the Premiere Elements workspace opens (be sure to have your project preset in the new project dialog = NTSC DV Standard or Widescreen), you should find your slideshows on the Timeline and the Create Menu section displayed. Since your intent seemed to be Premiere Elements just to provide the DVD-VIDEO, you can create a menu or skip that and move on to Share/Disc/Disc for the burn to DVD.


                      If this approach works, great. If not, we can talk about typical resizing and other routes to what you want.



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                        jjanowski1 Level 1

                        This is what I wound up doing: 1. Create each of your Photoshop Elements slideshows and output each using the Photoshop Elements Slide Show editor Output option "Save As File Movie .wmv" and File Size (profile) = DVD NTSC. Save each as .wmv to Organizer as well as your hard drive location of choice.

                        I then used windows movie maker to import and burn the files.


                        The conversion to .wmv files did not take long at all the largest file was 120mb.


                        I am still confused about batch resizing in photoshop elements. The directions previously given seem to be for photoshop.  I could not find batch resize in the file or edit menus.


                        As far as my processor is concerned, I ran task manager to see what was running and what it was using.  Whenever any program was "encoding", my processor ran at 90-100% all the time. No other programs were taxing the processor.  My ram memory was unaffected- it always stayed at 50% capacity no matter what was being performed.


                        Thank you for your help, next time I will use albums to arrange my photos(instead of arranging them within the slideshow), I will resize them (once I figure out how to) and then send them to the slideshow.



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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for letting us know the outcome.


                          If you have Photoshop, there is a procedure for resizing using actions. But, in Photoshop Elements, this is a typical procedure for getting the job done:


                          a. Create two new folders on your computer Desktop. Name one folder = Project X Original Photos (but, make sure that they are really copies of the originals for safety sake). Name the other folder = Project X Resized Photos.


                          b. Open Photoshop Elements 8 (if that is what you have) Full Edit and go to File Menu/Process Multiple Files.


                          c. In the Process Multipe Files dialog


                          Source:.....browse to and set for the "Project X Original Photos" folder that you saved on the computer Desktop.


                          Destination:....browse to and set for the "Project X Resized Photos" folder that you saved on the computer Desktop.


                          Image Size:...place a check mark next to Resize Images and type in Width and Height in pixels. (Consider doing all landscape oriented images in one batch and portrait oriented ones in another.) For landscape oriented photos, type in 1000 for Width, pixels; 750 for Height, pixels; Resolution 200 is what I use. I prefer to work with "Constrain Proportion" unchecked.


                          File Type:...place a check mark next to Convert Files to, and make that JPEG High Quality. (I can hear Hunt's footsteps fast approaching since he typically recommends .psd because of possible degradation of .jpeg images with multiple Save As. All I can say is that I do very well with JPEG High Quality and do not push my luck with a lot of Save As.)


                          That is about it. If you have any questions, please let us know.


                          At the other forum where you posted this question, I will post a link to this thread so that users there and here can follow your thread from start to finish.


                          Congratulations on accomplishing your task. There are many approaches to achieving video goals in Premiere Elements. As you progress, you can decide which one works best for you for a given situation. Continued success.



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                            Dave Warnock

                            Thank you so much for this very useful information.  I just wish Adobe would let us know these things.

                            I do have one question.  Both your and Hunt's process describe landscape photos.  How are portrait photos handled?

                            Just reverse the dimentions, or is there some height issue?


                            Thank again,


                            Dave Warnock

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7

                              Dave Warnock


                              If you are batch resizing for portrait oriented photos and these photos are destined for a DVD-VIDEO project, then, as you suggested, instead of width 1000 pixels and height 750 pixels, you would set for width 750 pixels and 1000 pixels for height. But, it goes without saying, do the batch resizing of the portrait photos separate from the landscape ones.



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                                Dave Warnock Level 1


                                I'm making a slide show of the Jimmy Fund Walk my family did last Sept.  I'll let you know how it turns out.