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    Hyperlink to hyperlinkTextDestination in external document


      I have an InDesign book (.indb) with one document for each chapter, plus one document for the table of contents.  I'm trying to automate the process of making a hyperlink from each item in the TOC to a hyperlinkTextDestination I've already added to each of the other documents.  This way, when I Export for Digital Editions, I have copy of my TOC with hyperlinks to each chapter.


      My TOC is just a simple page with a textFrame, with each link on its own line, like this:


      Chapter 1

      Chapter 2

      Chapter 3



      Can anyone please describe how to do this in JavaScript?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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          I was finally able to figure out the problem, and since I haven't been able to find anything on this specific topic elsewhere, I'll post it here for posterity.


          The main problem was that my destination document was closed when I tried to create the hyperlink.  I stored the hyperlinkTextDestinations for each doc into an array so I could call them later, and then closed the document so the script could do other stuff.  Anyway, here are the code snippets pertinent to hyperlinking to external hyperlinkTextDestinations:

          var mydocs = bookPath.getFiles('*.indd');  // Folder containing each chapter's document

          var hyperlinkDestinations = new Array;

          for (i=0; i<mydocs.length; i++){

            var thisDoc = app.open(mydocs[i]);

            // Add hyperlink destinations

            var newDestination = thisDoc.hyperlinkTextDestinations.add(thisDoc.textFrames[0].insertionPoints[0]);



          Then in my TOC document:

          var tocdoc = app.activeDocument;

          var toc = tocdoc.textFrames[0].paragraphs;

          for (i=0; i<toc.length; i++) {

            // My TOC list is in the same order as my files are...

            var myHyperlinkTextSource = tocdoc.hyperlinkTextSources.add(toc[i]);

            var tempDoc = app.open(mydocs[i]); // Make sure doc is open before referencing hyperlinkTextDestination
            var myHyperlink =
          tocdoc.hyperlinks.add(myHyperlinkTextSource, hyperlinkDestinations[i]);


          This isn't my exact code (I just copied out bits and pieces), so I haven't tested it.  If anyone knows a better way of doing this, feel free to chime in.


          I've taken a pretty deep dive into InDesign scripting and this forum has been incredibly helpful, so I hope this pays it forward, at least a little.  Thanks!

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            Thanks for posting this. It's almost exactly a year later to the day (weird!), and I've run into the identical issue you write about (here's the thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3353050#3353050) Hope your solution works for me as well...