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    64 bit Linux version in preparation?


      Adobe Reader is important to what I do in medical research. My most-used computer has been shifted from Ubuntu 32 bit to Ubuntu 64 bit, and I've learned that Adobe doesn't yet offer 64-bit Linux versions of Adobe Reader. Is Adobe working on 64-bit Adobe Reader for any of the Linux distributions?

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          markerline Level 4

          I know very little about Linux.  In fact I have some bash shell books and just now got finished installing a unix shell interpreter on my Windows Vista 64-bit machine.


          But given the 32-bit situation on my machine most of my programs are running in 32-bit mode on the 64-bit platform.  I am wondering if Linux allows the same flexibility, being able to run 32-bit Adobe products in some sort of emulation mode on 64-bit machines?

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            aspergerian111 Level 1

            Thnx for responding.


            I have two 64 bit Windows machines (Vista, w7), and they run Adobe

            Reader well. On ubuntuforums.org, there are various suggestions for

            running Adobe Reader as 32 bit on 64 bit Ubuntu. However, my download of

            32 bit AR for Ubuntu halted just before installation, with message about

            wrong architecture. I'm not the only one asking this question re: AR 64

            in Ubuntu - and some of the previously offered work-arounds are already



            What happens on Ubuntu forums is that inevitably various people suggest

            Evince, which I've tried, but which doesn't have some of the features in

            AR - eg, the ability to copy from within one column on a page that has

            two columns. Until Adobe catches up with 64 bit AR, I'll probably have

            to do some tasks on my w7 machines (and the Vista becomes w7 tomorrow or


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              Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Please post questions about Linux version in the forum for Adobe Reader for Unix.