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    Most stable version

    George g8fgsfdg8

      I started in NLE 10 years ago and survived the accelerator board/RAID/finicky equipment wars. I never was able to get a really stable solution until our desktops became powerful enough to ditch all of the above and convert to software + a program and media drive. My PP1.5 set up is very stable without all of the crashes, corruption, freezes, dropped frames, etc of the old days. I have not upgraded because I am so happy to have a stable system. Which newer version of Premier Pro is the most stable, improved version that has enough additional features to make an upgrade worth the time and money?





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          That is a good question. Much of the answer will likely depend on your system, and one the source video material.


          I have to say that with PrPro 2.0 (obviously several iterations ago) I have only had three crashes with SD, DV-AVI Type II material, and I think that all were due to OE.


          Now, many users with CS4.2 have had great luck. Some are on Vista (both flavors), and some on Win7 (both flavors), and still stability.


          Wish that I could tell you exactly which version, newer than yours, was the most stable, but it comes down to, "it depends." Also, the likelihood of picking up anything but CS4 is a bit slim. If you DO go with CS4, do the full update path, if it's not already part of your acquisition.


          Good luck, and wait a moment, as others will likely weigh-in and give you more exact data.



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            shooternz Level 6

            I have managed to get  99.6% satisfactory stabilty (for professional purposes) and improved feature sets out of every version up to and including CS4.x.x


            I would suggest if you were to upgrade...you do it in a brand new hardware system and maintain your existing system meantime.

            ( I still have multiple systems from CS2 - CS4 which I will rationalise with CS5 when it is released and proven)


            You may also want to wait for CS5 for what maybe a quantum leap....considering you have waited so long already.


            My 2 cents worth.

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              rejdmast1 Level 2

              How did you numerically calculate your 99.6% satisfactory stability rate?

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                dsladek Level 1

                CS4.2 is very solid and feature rich. If you have the need now, go for it.

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                  Billy from Consett Level 1

                  I found CS4 Premiere Pro totally stable with my old rig (WinXP SP3 32bit, Quad core Intel chip, GTX260 graphics, 3gb ram with an Asus P5B Deluxe mobo)


                  Went to Windows 7 64bit with an Asus P7P55D mobo, i7 860chip, and 8gb ram and have had lockups whilst scrubbing the timeline. It runs non-overclocked, Memtest 4 and Prime95 is rock stable running for hours and Premiere seems to the one important app to lock up, needing the reset button.


                  Time-served Premiere users on DVinfo forum have acknowedged the curse of instability at times whilst others are totally free of it.


                  So I'm going through all the steps to get the rig as stable with Premiere as it can be - though I'm used to it behaving in WinXP.

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                    shooternz Level 6
                    How did you numerically calculate your 99.6% satisfactory stability rate?



                    I used a Frustration-Ometer connected to my NLE and the beer fridge door.