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    Optimal Still Rez for HD or Widescreen projects?

    ruffhouseutah Level 1

      I found in the FAQs where it says the optimal size for stills to bring into a PE project is 1000 X 750, which makes sense for a 4:3 project. What about widescreen?


      And what about projects that the end user might use one of those DVD players or receivers that upscales the video to a lot more than 640 X 480? Won't a higher-rez PE project, created with stills with more pixels, end up with a better picture?

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          -Subbi Adobe Employee

          The size (resolution) mentioned in the FAQ is the "good to work" kind of setting./

          I personally would keep my Output resolution in mind and then "resize" my images/pictures accordingly. However, I would also try and keep the size a little on the higher side (if the output resolution is say "1440 x 1080" - i would resize my picture to say "1600x1200")  to accomodate the Pan and Zooms/Crops etc on the pictures if needed.



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            ruffhouseutah Level 1

            OK, that makes sense. I think I'll downsize to 1920 X 1080, that will allow me some flexibility for pan and zoom and still have some decent resolution for this widescreen project.


            Hopefully the increased size won't make PE choke and die right at the end of a long burn session...;)

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              ruffhouseutah Level 1

              Just learned an interesting lesson about how the Organizer's slide show creator handles widescreen (16:9) images, since there is no option to specify that in the project settings... if you bring them in without cropping, you'll see borders on all four sides of your images when they're exported from the slideshow creator to the PE timeline. Not sure if that will carry through to the finished project, but I'm guessing that it will.


              Surprisingly, if I choose the "Landscape Photos" option next to "Crop to fit slide" in the Slide Show preferences, even though it only displays full screen (4:3) within the Slide Show, when it's exported to the PE timeline it displays the full original widescreen image.


              That's bass ackwards in my book, but it at least it works.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The numbers in the FAQ apply as a "rule of thumb" for DV Projects, i.e. 720 x 480.


                For HD Projects, those will go up, based on the Project.


                Unless one is panning on a zoomed out image, the Project Frame Size is good. For panning on a zoomed out image, one obviously needs more pixels to work with. I go with the Frame Size and PAR for the Project, with the exception for those few images that do need panning, and then calculate what I will require. I try to keep the stills to just what is required, and might end up with one folder where most images are Frame Size, then maybe two other folders, where I need to do animation, and will resize to what is needed. I Import these into separate Bins (folders), that identify what is to be done, or what the size is. This keeps the Project size down to just what's required.


                Many take another tack and will pick a number, like that 1000 x 750, which will allow them "wiggle room" with ALL images. That way, if they change their edit, they do not have to go back to PS and resize, like would have to.


                Maybe it's now time for Steve to rewrite the FAQ to include some HD sizes, as well? Several have gotten confused with those SD figures. The last thing that one would want would be to have an HD Project, undersize the stills, and then have to Scale up in the NLE. They'd be better to have a few extra pixels and slightly Scale down a tiny bit.


                Good luck,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I've got recommended photo sizes for both widescreen, PAL and hi-def in my books, Hunt!


                  I suppose I could include them in the FAQ too. Good suggestion. Thanks.