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    New behavior of Glossary Hotspot Wizzard

    robert-sfl Level 1

      I noticed that the Glossary Hotspot Wizzard evidently has changed in RH8. We used the glossary for abbreviations in an existing project. For this, we ran a search & replace over the glo file adding brackets to all terms, used the wizzard and removed the brackets again before generating the output. The result was a nicer hotpot function in the topics:


      "The MSC configuration file.."


      expands to


      "The MSC (Mobile Switching Center) configuration file.."


      But now it is not possible to get the brackets anymore (i.e., brackets in the hotspots, but none in the glossary tab). Robohelp uses the current definition, i.e. re-applies the definition without brackets to all hotspots when the output is generated. Is there any solution to get brackets in the hotspots, but none in the glossary tab? It seems much nicer anyway to display the expanding text in brackets or some other separator, not just for abbreviations.